Thursday, November 4, 2004

CAOs hosted by IIS that implement COM Interop Interfaces

Wow, did I have an intrigueing assignment today. I have a client that is going to be developed in C# (Microsoft .NET technology). This client is going to remotely access another .NET assembly on a server machine, across the network. The server side assembly is going to be client activated (CAO), and the CAO needs to expose the functionality of a COM component through interop. I thought I could just create a class that inherits from MarshalByRefObject and implements the interface of the interop component.... but NOOOOOO! Couldn't be that simple could it? So instead, I'm sitting here at 2am still banging out the intricacies of creating and passing references around across application domains. So far, I've learned that implenting the interface for an interop component is seriously bad news. Forget about remoting your object after you've done that. Next, don't every install the .NET Framework 2.0 beta on your primary development box. It did me the courtesy of modifying all of my IIS virtual directories to automatically select the 2.0 revision rather than the stable 1.1 revision. So now I need to manually select 1.1 for all existing and newly created virtual directories. Thanks .NET 2.0. So now my stickler is trying to figure out how to get two remoted objects that are hosted in the same application domain to interact. Not a simple task so far. More on this wonderful story once I get a cup of coffee... or sleep.

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  1. What?!?!?! No wonder I am at a loss when people ask me what you do! :)